How it works

How does StatCounter work?

  1. 报名StatCounter的服务,我们会给你一个HTML和JavaScript小的代码块插入到您的网页。
  2. When a visitor visits your webpage with the installed HTML and Javascript code, their anonymous details are sent to StatCounter to be recorded. Their details are gathered either from the counter the visitor loads from StatCounter, or an invisible image depending on your settings. This action takes place instantaneously and the user is completely oblivious and unaffected by it. StatCounter has invested a great deal of time and money to ensure that this load time is instant. The load time experienced by your visitor is monitored daily and we are continually adding more dedicated servers as we grow to ensure instantaneous responses.
  3. respects your privacy, and the privacy of your visitors. View Privacy Policy
  4. 我们收集的数据由我们处理和分析并存储在我们的数据库服务器上。
  5. 这就是趣味所在!您可以然后登录到您的帐户在白天或夜晚实时监控和查看您的访客和统计!

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